Valerie Kaminov - Head Shot 3  Feb 2020.


Founder & Managing Director

Founded on an ethos to add value to a business, International Luxury Brand Consultancy has rapidly become the go-to-
management and distribution agency specialising in the global beauty sector.

Established in London since 2014, ILBC expanded in 2021 with the addition of a Paris office located in the heart of this renowned beauty capital which is recognised as the perfect gateway to the European markets.

Founder & MD Valérie Kaminov’s enviable worldwide network of personal contacts has been compiled through her 25 years of working within the cosmetics industry and provides her clients with a much-valued access to the right partners. Combine this
invaluable resource with a forward-thinking approach, a breadth of expert services and a precision-focused methodology and you have the winning formula for international growth.


It is why ILBC’s client portfolio spans well-established names, newly-emerging brands and pioneering businesses such as Scentys, Kadalys and Endota. All of which have benefited from ILBC’s extensive distribution channels and sales touchpoints, from department stores and beauty clinics, perfumery chains and pharmacies, E-Commerce, M-Commerce and TV Shopping, to hotel amenities, travel and cruise retail; there are not many areas ILBC has not worked in.

Now celebrating our 7th Anniversary I am so proud of the results we have achieved for our diverse portfolio of clients; from highly successful sales and market-entry strategies to profitable M&A negotiations, we have done it all. A Paris office was both the logical and the ideal next step for ILBC as it offers a wider platform for growth, a new partner potential and the opportunity for a more comprehensive and innovative representation of brands internationally.


Valérie Kaminov

Founder & Managing Director International Luxury Brand Consultancy


  • Brand Audit and Evaluation

  • Business Analysis

  • Multi-channel Growth Strategies

  • International Distribution & Business Development

  • Creation and Implementation of National, International and Market Sector Entries

  • Omnichannel Diversification

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Integrated Planning

  • P&L Accountability and Incisive Business Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Business in Transition, Change Management, Transformation Projects & Exit Strategies

  • Non-Executive Director & Board Advisor

  • M&A Consultant & Brand Intermediary

  • Tailor-Made Market-Ready 360 Modular Programme


Having spent over 2 decades in the beauty business Valérie Kaminov knows what it takes to be commercially successful in the global cosmetics industry, it is why she has been tasked by over 100 businesses to create their distribution and brand development strategy. Each client benefits from her analytical approach to long-term growth which centres on finding the right channels and the right partners for each individual brand, this requires the most up-to-date knowledge, market insight and financial acumen. These qualities have also led her to be a trusted advisor by brands, investors and organisations around the world and frequently being sourced as the go-to intermediary for investment firms looking for brands as well as business owners seeking the M&A sector.


Valérie Kaminov is an acknowledged specialist in the key markets of Asia, Russia, Europe & UK and the USA. Whether creating sell-out opportunities with Shopping Live Russia or working with influential retailers, pharmacy chains and much more, ILBC has unprecedented access to the decision makers.


A selection of her clients that have benefited from the ILBC services are Revive, Prai Beauty, Kadalys, Wildsmith Skin, Aurelia Probiotic, REN Skincare, Margaret Dabbs, Scentys, Endota, We Are Paradoxx, Elemis, Dr Vranjes, Aromatherapy Associates, Payot, Philip Kingsley, Thalgo, Miller Harris, Smith England, Elemis.


Founder and Managing Director Valérie Kaminov is the author of a series of 9 ‘Inside Cosmetics’ Reports covering Africa, Asia, China, Cruise Sector, Europe, USA, Middle East & GCC, Russia, UK & Ireland.


As a qualified NED with the prestigious Financial Times, post-graduate diploma Valerie Kaminov is highly trained in corporate governance and is an experienced NED and Director enabling her to have a holistic understanding of boards. She advises both as a consultant and a NED.


The International Directors Programme is a course in corporate governance that aims to develop effective directors for the global business scene. Today’s supervisory boards have to contend with a host of new pressures, challenges and risks in addition to evaluating the performance of the CEO and senior executives. They must, therefore, set the company’s strategic direction, often across diverse product markets and geographies, and monitor the firm’s risk profile.

Valerie passed the test and got the certification in Corporate Governance accredited by INSEAD.