Sarah Chapman
London, England

International Distribution Development

Sarah Chapman London missioned International Luxury Brand Consultancy to assess its mainland Europe distribution to boost their sales results. We presented an alternative commercial strategy for Turkey, China, Spain and introduced the brand to key partners across Europe. One to one meetings were successfully organised during Tax-Free Exhibition in Cannes.

REN Skincare
London, England

Director of International Sales & Marketing 

Responsible for establishing and achieving short and long-term brand objectives in a 5-year plan and delivering sales and profit targets through 2,000 retail outlets and 45 distributors in 55 countries. Consistently delivered double-digit growth in international sales over 6 years, in some countries by 30% and 45%. Developed media plans including press conferences, management of social media and determine the market for each region with the local distributors. Directed creative development of the brand for the local markets and set up the REN Travel Retail Division.

Novexpert (1).jpg
Paris, France

International Business Development Adviser

International sales strategy for the pharmaceutical sector in 15 new countries in 3 years. Coach the French sales team on negotiating techniques, customer service and distributor monitoring. Set up UK operations for the brand in conjunction with the French Head Office. Have helped the company to sign new contracts with 5 new distributors in 6 months, increasing annual forecast sales turnover by €1m, a 25% increase.

Den Haag, The Netherlands

International Business Advisor

The brand was seeking for international expansion and has requested International Luxury Brand Consultancy to organise One to One meetings with major international distributors, retailer chains and cross border e-commerce platforms during the Tax-Free Exhibition in Cannes We also provided a new entry strategy for the UK market where the brand needed to be repositioned.


International Advisor

The brand has expanded very rapidly in the US market and some key international markets. The brand owner required International Luxury Brand Consultancy to assist her in the choice of distributors in Scandinavia and Europe. ILBC introduced the brand to major retailers/distributors where Skyn Iceland would be best distributed long term.


Penhaligon’s & L’Artisan Parfumeur (Cradle Group)
London, England

Group Commercial Director

We assessed Group business profitability through analysis of P&L, margins, investments, forecasts, order management, inventory reductions and marketing plans. We negotiated sales and promotional plans with UK, French and US department stores. We renegotiated all payment terms with existing key accounts and reduced the debtors’ list by 95%. We restructured sales forces and defined new incentive schemes to ensure targets were met. We created measurable strategic marketing and sales plans for each key account. We established a solid relationship with QVC shopping channel in USA/UK. Negotiated and secured contracts with airlines (on-board services with British Airways, Cathay Pacific), and reviewed and controlled Worldwide Travel Retail managed by the exclusive agent (Paris, JFK, Antalya, Leningrad, Istanbul airports). We worked closely with all subsidiaries’ General Managers and local sales forces (USA/Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and France).

Neo Capital Investment
London, England

CEO Miller Harris Perfumer

Conducted a full commercial assessment and developed a business case to enable the current investors/owners to put the business on sale;

Identified the potential international growth and defined a 5-year business plan to be presented during the exit process to the new buyers.

Organised the new company structure to deliver a substantial 56% growth burst of international turnover in 6 months.

Reminiscence International
Paris, France

Commercial Adviser to the Founder

International Luxury Brand Consultancy has conducted a full brand due diligence in the view to prepare a commercial memorandum. We organised a complete commercial audit for the group. We identified potential international growth and put under review the non-profitable distribution partnerships. We created a strategic business case to facilitate the M&A process. We defined a 5-year business plan to be presented during the exit process to the new buyers.

Collection Ete - outer sleeve_r6 copy.pn
L'Artisan Parfumeur
Paris, France

Group Commercial Director​​

Reviewed the international sales strategy and remodelled the international team.​ Proactively opened 8 new key countries across 3 continents and negotiated with potential distributors. Developed new distribution channels such as Travel Retail to engender additional revenues. Each account's P&L was methodically analysed to save costs and improve cash flow usage. Increased sales turnover by 20% and reduced the operating costs per account by 15%.



Le Galion Parfum
Paris, London

International Business Development

The mission has developed from an advisory role on the set-up of export documentation, contracts, price lists, into introductions to international distributors in the UK, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Benelux, East European Countries and Australia. The outcomes for the brand have been successful with the set-up of the most suitable Niche fragrance distribution channels.

International Luxury Brand Consultancy also set up speed-meetings between brand owner and distributors during Taxe Free Exhibitions and other international professional exhibitions.

London, England

International New Business Development Adviser

New markets in Australia, South Africa and Poland identified. Annual turnover forecast increased by 25% to £1m. Introduced the brand to the top 10 international colour cosmetic distributors.

Advised on the set-up of all export documentation, contracts and price lists.


Image by Charles 🇵🇭
Cross Border E-Commerce
China, South East Asia, India & Russia

Brand Advisor to Great Empire Distribution Shanghai

Setting up and managing beauty brands on e-commerce platforms in China, India and Russia via five core services: eStore, eSupport, eCommerce IT, eMarketing, eOperation and eFulfilment solutions;

Have introduced 7 luxury beauty brands wishing to export their products to these fast-growing countries. Whilst it is a long process, sales forecasts range from £200k to £2m and the profits are high - up to 75%, depending on the brand.

Middle East

Selecting an Array of Beauty Brands for Boutiqaat

Boutiqaat is a virtual makeup showroom featuring a hand-curated mix of beauty and fashion products from 700+ international brands, local and exclusive in-house brands, where customers can discover personal recommendations from Middle East’s most loved celebrities and shop their selections on-the-go. It is the go-to place for fashionistas and make-up addicts looking for the perfect fix for all their cosmetics & fashion obsessions!


Boutiqaat distinguishes from its peer e-commerce platforms with the incorporation of a social element: it features Gulf and Arab celebrities and social media influencers who recommend products, allowing consumers to shop directly from these influencers’ virtual stores inside Boutiqaat.


ILBC has introduced via local agents and distributors a selection of luxury beauty brands willing to commercialise their brands to these fast-growing Middle East countries. Whilst it is a long-winded project, estimated sell-in forecasts range from $200k to $500k depending on the category of products.