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We provide a unique opportunity for brands to expand into international markets. ILBC is a bespoke consultancy that delivers services to help your brand succeed. A strategic approach that includes market entry strategies, marketing & commercial strategies, new product development, action planning, market & trends analysis and much more. 


WE ALREADY HELPED BRANDS IN 65 COUNTRIES including the Middle East, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe and the Americas.



Our mission to help beauty brands grow and expand into different markets across the globe. We know that the beauty market is a very competitive place, fast-paced and most importantly of all, global.


This is why we believe that having an international client base has allowed us to experience all areas of each market, which means in turn that we provide our clients with the highest level of knowledge and expertise to guarantee the growth of their brand.


With an international presence, we work with our clients closely to ensure the best outcome for their investment with us. Our existing client base is spread all over the world in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the US.


We know that building a successful beauty brand can be tough in such a saturated market, so we will work with you to help set your business aside from the crowd and deliver intellectual capital on demand, which is the most cost-effective way to grow a brand in such competitive and aggressive international markets.


It is often hard to know which direction to go in when taking the next step with our brand and for this reason clients work with us again and again so that we can provide them with clarity that is backed up with years of experience, expertise and knowledge.



IL Brand Consultancy Ltd

Connect House, 133 - 137 Alexandra Road

London, SW19 7JY, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 77 89 69 33 59

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